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The Festival FACE A FACE is one of the most important LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) film festival in France!

Every year at the end of November it shows a selection of full-length and short films to a large audience.

On the Short Film Night a panel of professional judges awards four Prizes (Best film, Best Original Screenplay, Special Award, Honorary Award). The audience awards two Prizes (Best Full-length film, Best Short film).

Furthermore, all along the year FACE A FACE organizes decentralized showings in the region Rhone-Alpes.

It is the founder member of the European Network ARC-LGBT which federates many festivals and as such is invited to present its selections and winner films at special showings in other festivals.

Be a part of the FACE à FACE Festival !

Submit your short or full-length film to the programming committee. If it is selected, your film may be screened in the course of the festival or during the year.

The 13th Edition of the Saint-Etienne LGBT Film Festival will take place from 23rd to 26th of November 2017, and The 6th International LGBT Short Films Night on the related saturday 25th at night at 10pm.

Submission / Submission deadlines 2017 :

> April 12th to June 5th, 2017 for short films (running time less than 30 minutes), Register your film on and send entry to Face à Face Festival. (Submission is free)

> Before September 15th, 2017 for full-length films (running time more than 70 minutes), complete and submit the below form.

How to send your film ?
Just send a copy of your film, pictures and poster by

Or if you don’t use Filmfestplatform, send your movie (DVD, Blu-ray zone 2, Digital file, Quicktime HD file H.264) with a printed signed copy of form XXX for short films, to :

Association FACE A FACE / Festival LGBT Film Festival
Cinéma Le France – 8 rue de la Valse – 42100 ST ETIENNE, FRANCE

or by file transfer (MP4, Quicktime HD file H.264) via with PDF signed copy of form  for short films, to the following email address :

programmation[at]  *[at]=@


Form below reserved for the registration of full-length films : 


I solemnly declare I am the person duly authorized to submit this work to the LGBT FACE à FACE Film Festival.
Please note that, due to the large number of copies we receive, the FACE à FACE Festival cannot return any copies of films.